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One of my earliest memories is being in the kitchen of my parents' house drawing and painting. When I was three years old, I asked my mother why some of our walls were full of drawings of little people, and she answered me, don't you remember it? You drawed it some time ago, that was the reason why we bought the board and temperas for you. And the truth is that those little figures were pen drawed, so I guess that when I was a year and a half or two years old, I secretly took my father's pen from somewhere and gave my best as mural artist till they found it out and decided that my art would be better in less prominent places.

In relation to music, my father loved classical music and when he was at home, he was always playing harmonica and flute, he was completely self-taught, and very enthusiastically and successfully he improvised compositions that pleased everyone. So, I was fascinated by my home musical mini-world, and when I was three, I already had a xylophone, a triangle, cymbals and a flute, which in few years got increased with a txistu with its small drum, a little electronic organ followed by a larger one, a violin and a piano. The truth is that I love to play everything that falls into my hands.

This love for music led me to start playing academically, following studies in music theory, and playing txistu for years as parts of a group of Basque dances, until finally I began to compose my own music and I could to tell someone that listened to it. For a long time I have composed just for me and my closer ones, till certain personal circumstances led me to want to share what vibrated within me sharing it in a wider way. Nowadays I play the piano in all the compositions, and almost every time I sit in front of him, I get something improvised that sometimes becomes special stuff and sometimes not.

Sakura, my first album, was composed during three years of intense personal transformation. I called it Sakura because I finished it in spring, and the album, like me, were flourishing after an internal deeply transformative time and therefore very enriching, that like the cherry trees in spring, Sakura in Japanese, was beginning to yield.

As far as photos are concerned, they have always been a delight for me. When I was six years old, I watched avidly daddy's Leica begging him to let me shoot. At that time my life dream was travelling around the world with my camera taking pictures of almost everything, and living fascinating adventures like Indiana Jones.

With all this, I just wanted to tell you that my love for music, photos and art, are within me since I can remember and on this website you can see me as I am, beyond my college degree or my work as a therapist at a practice, because all experience, study or tribulation contribute in constructive way, and all I have lived is what have made me the person I am.

Compositions are musical portraits from my soul and the photos are an intense look to the world from a heart full of feelings. Photos, art or music allow me to express myself in a way that would be impossible with words, because in this way, I feel I am truly myself, from the soul and with heart.

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