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SAKURA is an album composed by fifteen tracks, each of one is intended to work very specific energy aspects as it is explicitly referenced in its name. The album tackles with different energy situations we daily deal with and it offers a satisfactory energy way out for them.

If you usually meditate or practice some energy therapy you'll be more familiar with the vocabulary used in the explanation of each topic. If you do not know the energy vocabulary, it can be helpful to look at the manual of Amorah Quan Yin “The Pleiadian Workbook - Awakening Your Divine Ka” or the works of Ken Page (www.kenpage.com) because many tracks are inspired by energy issues addressed in those works.

Here you will find a brief explanation for each one as well as some of the effects that you can enjoy:

Brain relaxation

It improves inter-hemispheric relationship between both brain hemispheres, also including other paleo-cortex structures. It promotes central nervous system relaxation and it helps to sleep.

Central Sun

It connects the Central Sun of the galaxy with the solar plexus through pranic channel. All the body is filled with energy to be distributed from the pranic channel.

Deep in yourself

It helps to contact deeply with oneself, especially with one's feelings sometimes overlooked. This is an exercise of introspection.

Deep in yourself and expansion

It helps us not only to contact ourselves as the previous track did, but also it gives us proper tools to address emotional issues that we may be living and address them constructively.

Emotional connection

It cleans and regulates the first three chakras, especially the second one.

It helps to lead with low self-esteem issues and to put our own boundaries from the inside.

It helps to get rid of former energy of abuse.

If the player is placed directly on the tummy it diminishes inflammation and period problems.

When the first three chakras are balanced and we have to face a difficult situation, we are able to express our feelings without fear, in a warm, honest and sincere way.

Freedom to be

It helps to eliminate projections of energy that we received from others, even if they placed on us consciously or unconsciously. If we listen to the track several times, paying attention to the cleaning process, we can help to complete it filling us with pure light in a conscious way, so that the spaces left by the energy released will not be filled with unpleasant energies.

Gathering scattered parts

It helps to recover energetic lost pieces that are out of the person and they cannot return by themselves. In many cases, the person is not even aware of this fragmentation of his/ her personality, but when these parts are recovered, the person feels a greater internal cohesion and often more vital energy.


It lights up solar plexus and helps us to contact with our inner joy.

Inner connection

It helps you to contact with yourself. It's very helpful to find ways to solve difficulties, problems, etc. It helps to easily see the bigger picture and how to answer the problem.

It heals the electromagnetic field when it has been in contact with a too distorted environment. It is also useful when distortion is the product of a deep internal unrest that alters the electromagnetic field significantly.

If endocrine problems exist with glucose imbalance, it helps to regulate it because this track balances solar plexus.


It helps to fill the whole body with pure light, which facilitates and prepares any energetic fixing we want to do in ourselves.

One with All

It helps to be aware of being one with all. From our inner consciousness it helps us to feel the connection with the eternal moment of now, when times come together and existence is understood.

Out of Time

It helps recover lost energy pieces in time, once recovered are cleaned and re-integrated into the person.

Own path

It helps to follow the proper mission of the soul. It activates the solar plexus and improves or eliminates discomfort (headache, stomach, etc.) that can occur when you are in contact with too distorted energies or whose vibration is low.

Release anger and frustration

It helps to release feelings of anger and frustration (what occurs when not respecting our own boundaries, when cannot accept what we are living, etc.)

Release feelings. Solar plexus

It helps to release any feelings that produce internal distortion.

Enjoy your journey.

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