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This album stems from a collaboration with the astrologer Daniel Bolaños, developed during 2014 and 2015, through Música de las Estrellas.

Although the album has been created using astrological premises, you can fully enjoy its beneficial energy effects, even lacking astrological knowledge. The key point is the effect of the music vibration on your body, regardless of any knowledge in this area or another one that you may have.

If you're familiar with astrology, or at least, you know something about planets, signs and houses, this album will be very easy to handle for you. If you know deeply your birth chart and you are aware of your transits, solar progressions, and so on, this album can become your first-aid kit in many moments of your life.

Chiron in Mythology.

Story tells that the god Chronos fell in love with the Oceanid Filira(daughter of Oceanus and Tethys). Filira asked Zeus to turn her into a mare to run away from the harassment of Chronos, but this one realized Filira’s action and became a horse to possess her. Chiron was born from this union, half man, half horse, and Filira asked Zeus to change her into a lime in order not to nurse such a creature and she abandoned the baby.

Under the shadow of this tree, protected by his adoptive father Apollo, Chiron grows, kind and wise, interested in poetry, writing, and above all, in healing sciences, medicine and remedies.

Chiron lived in a cave away from the other centaurs and enjoyed good relationships with, men who even were instructed by him. Many of them became disciples and friends. Achilles, Aeneas, Asclepius, Jason and Esculapius, among others, heard their advice and let themselves to be guided by his teachings. But one day in the Battle of the Centaurs, Chiron was wounded mistakenly by Heracles in one of his legs with an arrow containing the poison of the Hydra. This poison was deadly for men but as he also had a divine parts, death was not possible, but suffering was. So, despite his vast knowledge in medicine and other sciences, he could not heal the wound that caused him excruciating pain. In this situation and not finding a remedy to heal his wound, he decided to give her immortality to Prometheus, who had sacrificed his life to give mankind fire. In recognition of his great achievements, Zeus gave Chiron a place among the stars turning him into the constellation of Centaurus. Chiron bequeathed to us teachings about medicine, justice, fairness and diligence.

Quirón in Astrology.

Regarding astrological Chiron, generally, in the chart it symbolizes what we can do for others but we cannot do for ourselves. We are able to help others to achieve their goals, but in those same areas we are unable to get our goals.

The astrological house where Chiron is found indicates the area of our life where we will feel hurt, abandoned, unsafe or blocked. This is the field where may arise complexes or uncertainties and where we can feel that our expectations are never fulfilled.

If you wonder about Chiron’s placement in your birth chart, you can check in the following list what its position was in the past decades, taking into account your birth year, so you can know in which sign and element Chiron was at that time:

Chiron in Aries (Fire): 1969-1977

Chiron in Taurus (Earth): 1977-1984

Chiron in Gemini (Air): 1934-1937, 1984-1988

Chiron in Cancer (Water): 1938-1941, 1988-1991

Chiron in Leo (Fire): 1941-1943, 1991-1993

Chiron in Virgo (Earth): 1943-1945 1993-1995

Chiron in Libra (Air): 1945-1946, 1995-1997

Chiron in Scorpio (Water): 1946-1948, 1997-1999

Chiron in Sagittarius (Fire): 1948-1951, 1999-2001

Chiron in Capricorn (Earth): 1951-1955 2001-2005

Chiron in Aquarius (Air): 1955-1961, 2005-2011

Chiron in Pisces (Water): 1961-1969, 2011-2019

But if you want to be absolutely certain about where exactly Chiron was at the time of your birth, the aspects that it makes to other planets, and so on, it would be better for you to make an appointment with a professional to get your chart read.

From our perspective, all of us incarnate with a mission, a work of the soul to develop, it seems to be extremely important working with those energetic astrological aspects that may be a hindrance or a difficulty in order to get the best approach to this mission. In this sense, Chiron is an important touch stone in the inner work of anyone because he delves into those areas where we feel orphans, abandoned and insecure. Actually, this is only due to the human illusion of separation from the Whole, from the core, from the Source, from the Self, from the Great Spirit or whatever you call it, because that is only a conceptual illusion of human mind. All of us are included in the same vibratory field and we never have been out of this field of consciousness or separated from the Source. In fact, releasing these human "illusions," that fake illusion about consciousness diminishes and we become aware that there is no separation and that is easy because we start to feel it, checking and living it from our own experience.

Our proposal.

Our musical and astrological proposal goes this way. Compositions are created to get each Chiron closer to its essence and not to his wound. This will clean the wound while our inner Master is born Master and we start to transform ourselves. This is the journey of the hero inside him/herself until you can get real awareness that the journey is the essential point and it is the journey itself what gives us the expertise because separation, abandonment, lack of ability or value do not exist.

This album introduces great Master Chiron in each of the signs and houses of the Zodiac mandala. Each track allows you to work the sign and the house where Chiron is, and all the astrological aspects that this planet makes to other signs/houses, either in the birth chart or looking at planetary transits.

Each track is not intended just for anyone with Chiron in such astrological position, because all of us have a first house in our birth chart even though Chiron was not in it, so I advise you to listen to it, no matter where your Chiron is, and this could allow you to become aware of feelings, thoughts, physical sensations, etc., that are arising inside you. You could perceive how something inside is getting transformed in order you can achieve a greater inner authenticity.

Below you can find a brief explanation of each track, its role, how it was created and what benefits you can enjoy from it:

Chiron and the legend of Parsifal

This track is especially created to work the return of Chiron, which occurs every fifty years. We have connected the myth of Chiron with the legend of Parsifal, because both archetypes share common issues regarding the importance of separation and the need to heal a wound. In both cases, it is about reaching deep inside oneself, just to get to that sacred heart space where miracles happen.

Chiron in the birth chart represents that parts of us that we are able to transcend through inner work. In the case of Chiron’s return, when Chiron has already traveled the full Zodiac and returns to the position where it was when we were born, we are given a wonderful opportunity for healing. Chiron's wound evokes the feeling of separation that humans experience. Actually, this separation does not exist, all of us are parts of a large energy entity that sustains everything and to what we also belong indissolubly, but that is precisely the main human paradox, that sense of separation and abandonment when nobody really has abandoned us and we are all creators of our own existence.

As Chiron, Parsifal is a hero. While Chiron, the great healer master fails to heal the wound inflicted by Hercules, Parsifal travels to the Holy Land in search of the Grail. He travel through countless roads, until he can go back home, but the true path of this hero is not outside himself. When he begins his pilgrimage is a young, inexperienced and immature young man. The one that comes back has learned invaluable lessons that have led him to find himself, to achieve true inner wisdom, his own Grail.

Throughout our first fifty years of life, we face different moments when our Chiron’s wound seems to activate, according to squares, oppositions or other aspects that different planets do to our birth Chiron. In fact, it is giving us the chance to move forward in this inner search for ourselves. Its first major revision happens when we are around fifty. It is time to check what has been passed so far and to deal with renewed energy the path that lies ahead.

With this musical creation we will be able to integrate more easily the challenges that Chiron proposes us when we get to our fifties. At this age, we have left behind inexperience and immaturity and we perfectly know what we want. We have been following the path of the hero and perhaps we have found ourselves, or at least, we know ourselves better than years ago. Our musical proposal goes in that sense of inner discovery, to reach that sacred place where time and space do not exist, they become in One, One with All. That happens in the sacred space of our heART, in our Holy Grail.

Chiron in Aries or at the first house

Chiron in Aries is inspired by the power of the mythical centaur, who is able to transform young people in great heroes. He leads them to know their limitations, to work them and to focus on their best attributes. This is how Chiron forges us, it refines our talents to transform us in true heroes of our own existence.

Chiron in Aries is an astrological position that compromises our feeling of inner worth. With this aspect, we may have gone through many situations of abuse of power, childhood traumas or experiences that have just undermined the confidence we had in ourselves. Your self-worth and self-esteem are truly committed and these natives are often prisoners of an overweighting past that is still with them, or at least partsially.

Listening to Chiron in Aries will make it easier to contact the feeling of strength and courage that lies in all of us, but if you have Chiron in Aries or at first house, you often think that you lack that attribute.

Listening to this track you can find your wished affirmation inside, and it will be easier to meet your challenges, assuming your life’s responsibility and not living according to what others think or decide. You can transform that feeling of inadequacy in strength, confidence and security in yourself.

When you feel alone, abandoned or rejected, when doubts take hold of you or you do not know what to do or even when you feel stuck in your life, when your past is a heavy burden and you need to boost your life, it may be time to listen to this music. It will debug your fears and it will help you contact that serene, strong and wise you that lives inside yourself.

You can work your needed own identity and begin to see yourself as a deserving, worthy and inwardly wealthy individual who is able to live as he wants to, and not from that already mentioned feeling of inadequacy that leads us to live our life with some distance and, most of the time, with fear.

Chiron in Taurus or at the second house

Chiron in Taurus is inspired by the alchemical capacity we all have when we find our center, where we can turn lead into gold. With this Chiron we see that the pursuit of wealth should always start with the recognition of our inner wealth.

Chiron in Taurus is the master alchemist who will lead us to find within ourselves the philosopher's stone and the treasure within us.

The energy vibration of this track will make easier for you to become aware of your body, of the space you occupy, so you can perceive easier all what is sensory and instinctive.

It will help you to become aware of your values as a person, you will see yourself more clearly and it will improve your self-esteem. Often the natives of this Chiron may be gripped by economic woes or by complications to get their businesses ahead because they do not know how to give the right value to their services or capabilities. They must work their Chiron to transform their lead into gold, to be able to make the best of the alchemist they have within themselves, to recognize their own values and to connect with their inner prosperity before materializing it outside.

As you work this Chiron, the relationship with the sensory world will gradually become easier and you will find in yourself serenity to realize that you are not enslaved by obligations or live in a race against time.

By listening this track you can contact best with what feeds your self-worth and your self-esteem and with your sensitivity to get involved in the sensorial world. Material life gets easier to tackle with because you align yourself with what Master Chiron offers you to go ahead.

Chiron in Gemini or at the third house

Chiron in Gemini helps you to express what you could not in the past. It opens a way of expression thorough words for these thoughts and feelings hiden so far, and honesty will be your best companion.

When you are stuck with confused or disordered ideas of you fell anxious, this track can acting directly on your central nervous system. The more you listen to it, the more you improve your focus and attention. You will feel a breath of fresh air into your head, your cognitive ability will improve and you will feel calmer, more focused and better prepared to address what you want to do, even finding more creative ways of tackling with it.

This track improves your inter-hemispheric relationship, not only between the two hemispheres of your brain, but also between them and the rest of your central nervous system structures including thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary, medulla oblongata, cerebellum, epiphysis, etc. It is precisely the epiphysis and the thalamus the two more important regulators of states of consciousness. Thus, a well tuned thalamus will allow us to properly regulate states of consciousness, both the usual states of sleep and wakefulness that all of us handle, like other states of consciousness that are achieved in meditation and in other energy exercises aimed at spiritual development. Improving the inter-hemispheric relationship is directly related to improving communication with the inner being.

If you have an intellectual job or when you have an assessment ahead, you can trust this track because it favors attention without detracting from the concentration needed to focus on the subject under study.

Listening to Chiron in Gemini will allow you to achieve a more direct communication between your conscious and unconscious worlds. It will allow your reality to synchronize with what you had previously perceived in your mind. As you become more aware of your mental reality and of the world around you, you release unconscious bonds that kept you following same patterns over and over again.

When Mercury is in its retrograde phase, this track can be very helpful because its energy vibration allows you to read between the lines more easily and to see what is happening behind the scenes with a clarity that is not always possible in this mercurial phase.

For people with high prevalence of mental body but with difficulties in carrying out the tasks in the physical world, it can be helpful because it allows them to see clearly the way to carry out their tasks because it is not enough to think about them in order to get them completed, even though they could believe the contrary. It is compulsory to materialize them. This track can boost your if that is your case.

Chiron in Cancer or at the fourth house

Chiron in Cancer is inspired by every human being’s desire to feel protected and safe. This desire is born because of humans’ difficult connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky, and therefore with our own physical family. Hence it is difficult believing that danger lurks around when actually we live in an energetic environment, in a universe that sustains, cares for and feeds us, even we do not always perceive it that way.

It is partsicularly important here the sense of belonging to a family, a tribe, a clan and it is also where we can look more clearly at issues based on abandonment or rejection feelings.

Chiron in this sign or at the fourth house speaks about someone who does not know where to go because he has lost many times its way and cannot find his lost north. Natives with this aspect do not often feel loved, either because it actually happened in their childhood or because it is simply not able to receive love others profess to him.

This track will help you find home within yourself, that sacred place where you feel good, at peace with yourself, without restless discomfort produced for being always looking for others to fill a gap that only you can fill by yourself. Others cannot give you that love you were looking for, you will feel that it is only you who can provide for it, because it is the love for yourself. No matter if you did not know it was you who had it and you where looking for it outside.

Thus, sense of abandonment and neglect are left behind and you can find you are the best haven for yourself and who can better provide what you need. You become aware of self-esteem and self-worth. Emotional wounds produced by interaction with others (parents or whoever raised you) close and are left behind because now you know how to provide that love you were looking for outside. Now you can decide when you share love and with whom. Gradually, you will find that family is not necessarily the one with blood ties but true family is composed of the people who are in your heart, those with whom you decided to freely share your emotions and your life, because your heart is a sanctuary, is your true home.

Chiron in Leo or at the fifth house

Chiron in Leo is created to connect with our inner sun, with the divine spark that animates us all beings. This contact brings us to recover the joy of living, and evokes the desire to play in a summer afternoon as when we were kids.

The main idea is contacting with the divine, bright and happy essence that all of us have within, though many times in our life we have been tarnishing it of concerns, limitations and prejudices, even thinking that we do not know what we are doing on this planet because everything has become a burden for us.

This composition reconnects you with the artist child we all are inside, who is not afraid, who brims with inspiration and creativity and lives every second in perfect sync with All. Your body is no longer a limitation, a millstone to be dragged, but inside you begin to feel a sense of physical lightness that corresponds to the mental and emotional state in which everything is perfect and you fully enjoy your life.

When you have worked your Chiron you realize that you are no longer afraid of criticism because you know very well what you're worth, you know you are a unique and wonderful creature enjoying the experience of this embodiment on a planet full of opportunities.

Your inner sun shines and you are your own sovereign, fear fades and you are impulse as who walks forward serene, happy and confident because he lives the magic of life from within, and when you feel good with yourself, everything is aligned and environment that you previously thought as hostile ceases to be and you find yourself inspired at any time, dancing with the muses.

This track will certainly help you to have a better connection with your creativity, with the artist of life that all of us have inside, with that sacred space of the heart where now becomes an eternal time and you can enjoy every second being aware of who you are and where you are.

Chiron in Virgo or at the sixth house

Chiron in Virgo is nourished by sacred geometry, by the principle of divine order, by that fifth key that is used to interpret life itself. There is an invisible organization, a written plan for each of us and this track helps you become aware of what is your plan.

Chiron in Virgo will help you to recover your lost order within you, to align with yourself and to get out of laziness, lack of control and chaos. You will be able to recover that desirable autonomy where you know what to do, how to organize your life, and what steps to take, because you see things clear, you are focused on what you want and you know how to get it in an orderly and calm way.

It will be easier for you to discriminate what your responsibilities are and what are other people's ones, even if you may have been taking charge of them. It will give you greater stability and order in your life and you will feel relief inside you, something that you may not have known until now.

Listening to this track it will be easier for you to realize how important is whatever you do, especially your work, and you could make decisions in a more thorough way without feeling overwhelmed or pressured by environment because you will live with more order, with more structure within you.

You will begin to see your body like the temple it is and you will implement healthy habits that maybe you've always wanted to carry on but often you could not because your inner restlessness and difficulties in structuring the necessary plan. You will start to organize better to regain health, that maybe you had lost. The most important thing is to begin to realize the meaning of your life, the structure of everything, your mission and the place you occupy in the overall plan.

Chiron in Libra or at the seventh house

Chiron in Libra is inspired by the union of complementary ones, the Yin-Yang, in which each parts contains a little of the other. Interpersonal relationships, especially relationships one to one, are parts of our social structure, and interacting with the others generates agreements and negotiations.

However, a successful relationship should not be based on absolute pleasure to the other, or on forcing the other to act according to our designs. Sometimes we crave so much having a partsner, that we end up betraying our true nature, doing everything we believe we are asked for and living a kind of theatrical production, where we use diplomacy excessively and actually we never communicate to the other person what we really think or want. Many times we are afraid of showing us how we truly are for not appearing as someone aggressive or even violent. So we may develop a mask of intended good manners in order to hide hostile feelings of revenge or competitiveness.

Chiron in Libra understands that relationships may fail precisely because partsners do not known to work with the other on an equal level but seeing him or her as an adversary with whom we must establish a relationship of power. Balanced relationships and reciprocity are not simple things. Fear of losing identity within couple dynamics for this and other causes are often main issues for this Chiron.

This musical track will give you the neccessary energy tools for seeing that the other is just your own mirror, and what you see in them that you do not like is simply your own reflection. Being aware that this is happening is the first step in a process of inner growth where we will be working our fears, our memories, etc. to become increasingly more our true selves, free from ancestral conditions.

Thus, by releasing resonant memories that take us closer to a partsicular partsner, we will be able firstly to pick a partsner, in the full sense of the word, and not seeing us as prisoners of our internal determinants. So sharing acquires the fullness of its meaning and you will be able to freely share yourself.

Chiron in Scorpio or at the eighth house

Chiron in Scorpio or at home VIII reflects human beings' ability to transcend, to transform and to evolve. To achieve this transcendence, you often have to travel to the shadows, to the ancestral past we take with us and to our innermost desires.

Scorpio offers you a journey of purification, of physical and energy debugging, because scorpionic energy talks us about recycling, taking any energy from the point where it is to the maximum light, where it can disappear, merge with everything and start again from another more refined level in that energy development.

This track allows you to deepen into your parts that have not yet been satisfactorily solved, especially regarding to deeper unconscious energies. Exposing all this unconscious material will allow you to see your life with "the cards face up" because until we clean up what is stored in our unconscious we will continue to attract the same energy patterns again and again, causing the same problems.

This composition allows you for contacting your unconscious mind, often almost forgotten, but from where we live. In this energetic contact you will be reviewing what is going on, what makes certain problems to remain in your life, certain circumstances in any sphere of your life that we do not understand why they are happening.

After reviewing all these issues, the unconscious needs to take out what you no longer need, to free itself from a past that is now unnecessary because you have understood the reasons and the process that kept us tied to it.

Once freed from all this stuff you are in control of your life, more aware of what you feel and think, in better connection with yourself and with your own recondite parts that you did not have easy access to.

Everything in the unconscious mind was conscious some time ago, but by an economy of resources we have placed it there. You should get connected with the depth of being, with the intimacy of being accepted, of accepting yourself, of loving each other unconditionally and you can leave that process refreshed.

The journey is intense but the result worths, self-knowledge at deep levels. Sometimes Scorpio seems to connect us with disease, trauma, death, etc., but these are nothing but realities that speak about an inner work to be done, about a need for understanding ourselves at deeper levels. When we achieve that understanding at the needed level, whether physical, mental, emotional or energetic, we will become aware about who we are and we will live deeply and honestly being ourselves.

When you discover who your are, respect, unambiguous acceptance and unconditional self-love arise without effort, but we must dare to cross the doorstep to get that. We all have a limit where we say "I want no more of this", and then we have to align ourselves with our being so we can see how to address what is overwhelming us.

This track allows you to easily deepen into the unconscious, find out what happens in those remote corners, clean them and leave them refreshed. The aim is achieving greatest light and seeing us from within as the eagle that flies over the mountains, with peace, with majesty, being happy and satisfied with who we are because we had settled our outstanding accounts with ourselves.

Chiron in Sagittarius or at the ninth house

Chiron in Sagittarius is inspired by the connection with our higher self, with that inner guide that wisely leads us according to the overall plan, as lighthouses guide ships at sea.

We have all heard about freedom and free will, and some will see it as doing what you want, but in fact, freedom is to do what has to be done, what goes with your energy and fits with the mission of your soul. If you decided to incarnate within a plan of collective evolution, your free will is achieved when you perform your parts within the plan. It is simply carrying out an exercise of responsibility about what we have chosen to do from other levels of consciousness.

Chiron in Sagittarius makes it easy to access these levels of consciousness in which we are perfectly aligned with our higher self, our inner divinity, and that makes us feel connected with ourselves.

Chiron in Scorpio talks us about our connection to the unconscious, Chiron in Sagittarius connects us to the super-conscious.

Religions talk about the need for faith, but that means that there is no internal connection to the divine, that one is away from itself and from everything. Chiron in Sagittarius may have difficulties in this regard, and may feel alone, have problems of belonging, and feel an alien in their own life.

This musical proposal aims to work all that in order to make it easy for you to find yourself, become aware of your inner connection with All and with that personal intimate parts of you that guides you and that is always there.

It is not necessary to read all essays about different religions to know God, because the source, the creation energy, or however we prefer to call it, is inside, it is an indivisible parts of every being that inhabit the universe.

Chiron in Sagittarius will help you wake up and reconcile with your inner teacher. You will be able to open up to subtle realities without fear of losing control of the tangible things. You will feel that you expand yourself inwardly and you conquer new uncharted territories that make you free, you will feel yourself as an individual, that you are an independent energy being, yet connected to everything and in peace.

Chiron in Capricorn or at the tenth house

Chiron in Capricorn speaks about inner mastery, acceptance of personal responsibility, your aimed goals' scope and your self-fulfillment as a human being.

It has to do with learning how to fix your aims, how to define your relationship with your own inner authority, that externally manifests itself using your internal resources to achieve your planned goals.

You can perform the necessary work to achieve inner self-realization. Capricorn proposes us mastery, but Chiron in this position can make us doubt about our own worth and not understand what responsibility means, both because we take care of what does not belong to us and because we ignore our own ones.

This capricornian Chiron implies a desire to succeed in society, but society itself is experienced as something rather alien where native finds it difficult to fit in.

Actually, the real triumph of this position is to achieve inner mastery, true success is achieved when you accept yourself and show as you are.

The aim is to fulfill your own mission and to feel satisfied with the path Capricorn proposes you, because the real goal here is t go through the road itself. You need perseverance and enough courage to give the best of yourself, without masks, without fear of what people we consider an authority can say. The best reward for this Chiron is the satisfaction of feeling that you have done what you had to, what you inwardly felt, loyal to your inner Master.

Chiron in Aquarius or at the eleventh house

Chiron in Aquarius or at home XI is inspired by brotherhood feeling between people. To achieve this universal brotherhood with this aspect of Chiron, you have to make peace with yourself, you must accept who you are and love yourself to radiate that feeling and create between everybody the long-awaited universal brotherhood.

This position of Chiron's difficulties arise because you will not easily find an effective link between discipline and originality, between work and creativity, between what you want for yourself and what society as a giant demands from their members.

When you get at peace with yourself, you can understand where the others are and you are no longer that rebel without a cause that can be seen when this position has not been yet worked.

You become an example of life from the inner realization, not from the fierce struggle for the rights of the oppressed. Who has worked this aspect of Chiron knows who is himself and what is its place in society and in global planning. You do not feel left out at all and you know that the real struggle for rights and freedoms takes place within yourself, accepting who you are and giving you individuality you need but knowing that humanity and yourself are the same thing.

This track provides you with the tools needed to work this astrological position in order you can achieve that inner realization you yearn for, without feeling excluded, weird, different or trying to fit in. You are a unique and extraordinary being, you only have to give yourself your place within you and to love yourself. Thus, you can share yourself with humanity and the rest of Creation.

Chiron in Pisces or at the twelfth house

Chiron in Pisces or at home XII is born from the consciousness of the Whole. Each of us form an indivisible parts of a common vibrational field to which all beings belong to. Many times that field of consciousness sounds distant to human beings, even though it is paradoxical that human being dwells in it and through it.

Chiron in Pisces helps you feel the connection with this field of consciousness in which we are immersed and of which we are an inseparable parts. Many spiritual traditions speak of the Great Spirit, Source, God, etc. and it is in Pisces, where the human being is called to realize and understand that reality that shapes us and encourages us.

It is not an issue of clinging to a blind belief in anything, but of experiencing and understanding that vibrational field in which we live, the existence of multidimensionality interdimensional relationships, etc. and if we train ourselves a bit, we can become able to move around all these realities as easily as we do in the third dimension.

There are spiritual traditions that teach their followers to do this kind of interdimensional travelling as a means of expanding consciousness. Our proposal goes in a similar way. Chiron in Pisces gives you access to yourself, to your own soul, to your inner world, and therefore to that interdimensional trip, because as it is within, so without. To the extent that you are able to dive deeper into yourself, consciousness expands and it enhances your ability to connect with over third dimensional subtle worlds.

When you have already become aware of the unity of Everything and you live from there, we say that it has been lit, a concept common to all spiritual or religious traditions. But we are not talking about belonging to any religion or about following a spiritual tradition, but simply about developing self-awareness as a way to understand and live unity. Unity awareness development leads us to a state of understanding and inner peace where there is no judgment, consciousness flows, changes happen continuously and everything remains at peace. At that time you feel one with All.

Chiron in each of the Elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Ether)

The album concludes with five tracks that bring us closer to the energy of Chiron in relation to each of the five elements.

After having toured the energy of Chiron in each of the signs, album's last tracks propose a new approach to energy from the perspective of the five elements, complementing our experience of transformation.

Finally, we must remember that each of us has within us the energy of all signs and all elements, to a greater or lesser extent and with a different role in each one, since they are simply different aspects of our own personality, our energy and our essence.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to listen to all album's tracks to be able to integrate all aspects of the energy of Chiron in our existence.

Enjoy your journey.

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